Beautiful Calm Music to help you release those deep negative emotions and thoughts. 396Hz based music helps us to let go fear, guilt, regret and such negative emotions, and creates more sense of stability and [More]
285Hz Solfeggio Frequency Healing Music || Tissue Healing Pure Tone Meditation Music. Press Show More for Details Continuing our series of Gentle and Calm Solfeggio Frequency based music, today we have The 285Hz.. This Solfeggio [More]
Gentle and Pure 417Hz Sound waves to Clear Negative Energy from your surroundings, be it Home, office and even from inside yourself. Suggested Video : Copyright ⓒ 2018 Meditative Mind. All Rights Reserved.
417 Hz ❯ one of the beautiful solfeggio frequency which is known to wipe out all the negativity inside us. Its a frequency that can bring change, it marks the starts of new beginnings in [More]
This track is called “LEVITATE” . Its based on 852Hz Music – The frequency known to Raise Inner Strength & Awaken Intuition. This Solfeggio frequency also resonates with the Third Eye Chakra. According to legends [More]
Cosmic Energy Meditation Music || Based on Solfeggio Frequency || 528Hz Copyright ⓒ 2018 Meditative Mind. All Rights Reserved.
Soft Calming and Healing Angelic Music featuring two very powerful solfeggio frequencies – 963 Hz – The Frequency of Gods and 528 Hz – The Miracle Tone of Positive Transformation. ❖ 963Hz Solfeggio frequency is [More]
Healing Solfeggio Frequencies ◈ 528 Hz ◈ Miracle Tone ◈ Love Frequency ✿ S4T5 featuring Chamber Bowls and Angelic Voices. Calming Music based on Solfeggio Frequency of 528Hz which is also known as the Love [More]
Click here to download my FREE meditation: Join my 30 Day Meditation Bootcamp online Udemy Course: Miracle solfeggio 528Hz music… Experience the healing powers of this calming DNA repair music. CD now available: [More]
what is Love? is it a feeling that intends to hurt us and make us sad? Learn how the elite has made our lives difficult but changing the frequency of Love into fear. the beauty [More]