*****************PLEASE READ********************** all main six solfeggio frequencies in one session* with theta binaural beats. (watch in highest quality you can!) *All 6 frequencies spread across an hour in 10 minute segments.
963Hz ❯ Pure Tone Soundbath ❯ Pineal Gland Activator ❯ Solfeggio Frequency Healing Music Copyright ⓒ 2017 Meditative Mind. All Right Reserved. http://www.meditativemind.org
Continuing our Marimba Meditation Music Series based on Solfeggio Frequencies(Miracle Tones), today’s video features 417 Hz – The frequency known to eliminate all the negative energy out of the system. In presence of this beautiful [More]
This is a MAGICAL journey with relaxing native flute melodies & POWERFUL drums. The solfeggio frequencies melts harmoniously in with everything while healing and cleansing your pineal gland and opening your third eye. MP3 DOWNLOAD: [More]
Solfeggio 639Hz | Heart Chakra Sleep Music | Chakra Balancing, Healing Meditation Music Solfeggio Frequency of 639Hz is associated with relationships, connections and friendships. All matters of heart are governed by this lovely frequency. Thats [More]
9 Solfeggio Frequencies | Sleep Music for Deep Relaxation [Dark Screen Version] Many people requested for a Dark screen version for 9 Solfeggio Frequency music, so as to minimize light during sleep. We hope this [More]
963 Hz | Pineal Gland Activation Tone | Solfeggio Soundscapes
Empezando por la frecuencia 174Hz va subiendo hasta llegar a la frecuencia 963Hz para volver a bajar progresivamente. Este ciclo se repite dos veces a lo largo del audio. Más información sobre Solfeggios en http://lakaballero.wix.com/lakaballero33#!Solfeggios-frecuencias-curativas/c1i8q/48F3E7A2-0968-43BD-89A9-15D5863F5CC1 [More]
741 Hz | Spiritual Detox Frequency | Solfeggio Soundscape Music
852 Hz | Awaken Third Eye | Solfeggio Frequency Music | Soundscapes