285Hz – Solfeggio Sleep Music | Heals Tissues | Deep Sleep Meditation Music, Healing Music | 9 Hrs

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Meditative Mind Presents 285Hz Solfeggio Frequency Sleep Music featuring 285Hz as the Root Note and its Harmonic and Image Frequencies. 285Hz is Known to Heal Tissues and Bringing them to Original Form. | Get MP3 of This Sleep Music : https://gumroad.com/l/kUvRv

Benefits of 285Hz Solfeggio Frequency
✓ Heals and Regenerates Tissues
✓ Restructures damaged organs by sending message to Tissues. Bringing them to original form
✓ Influences the energy field around you
✓ Influences the energy field around your home, office.

How to Use this Sleep Music Track
— Keep the Volume Low, so that its just enough for you to hear the music.
— Preferably use speakers instead of headphones, So that your entire body can have interaction with the frequency.
— Keep the Brightness of your device(Mobile or Laptop etc) at the lowest. Play this video on fullscreen so that entire screen is dark.
We hope that this music will heal you, and help you.

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Everyone at Meditative Mind would like to Thank all you Beautiful Souls, who support us by listening to our meditations and healing music, giving us their feedback, sending us their love and blessings and buy our meditations, solfeggio music, chakra chants and healing music.

This all helps us to continue on our journey, on our mission. MISSION to bring more peace and mindfulness in people’s lives through Music, Meditation and Chants. And you make this journey more beautiful for us, everyday, by joining in these sessions.

Thank You All from the bottom of our Hearts.

Smile & Cultivate Mindfulness


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LizetMR says:

It is helping me to heal my heart and soul… Thanks so much.

Ronald Kelley says:

I want to play these on my Flash drives, or CDs, or even my DVD. That way, I can listen to some of them (not relaxation ones, obviously) in my car. What is distressing is that I wanted a title, and it is not available as a digital download, but only for Kindle. I want to be able to use it differently than that, free of Kindle or computer or such involvement (except to copy a copy onto a flash drive or cd for play when my computer is off (and away from my computer and phone, etc.) I can't find a website to make this request, or any way to get in touch with you, so I'm hoping you read these. I'm perplexed that your editions aren't available as digital downloads free of encumbrances. Hope you go back to that (I don't mean free, as nice as that was, I just mean digital downloads). I know you have some on you tube, but they aren't the ones I want.

julie ann Dunbar says:

I've played this for two nights now and it's working some magic with me. Fantastic pain relief. I feel it's helping my brain remind me of a lot of important things I've recently forgot/forgotten…(the forgotten…Forg Otten). I'm going to try listening every night. Thank you =) <3

celestial kitty says:

Thus may sound like a dumb question but is it safe to play around animals? Or even would it be annoying to their hearing range? I have cats that sleep with me 🙂

Tom Hill says:

Lolol, been using this for like 3 years for sleeping , like legit just falling asleep , pree sure this isn't going to heal you physically in any way , half yalls are crazy

Infinite Multidimensional Being says:

This helps healing an old muscle injury. I'm so grateful for your videos. Having a meditative mind is beautiful. 🙂

naw forreal says:

can I get this for free? for off line use.

christian hwang says:

Don't watch I had an extreme night teror

Dakota Green says:

I have been resting badly for over Ten years, at a time not of my picking. After applying this sleep program “fawam unique plan” (Google it) for a week, I was able to achieve 8 hours rest every single night. I am sleeping so well that I have not even finished the plan. My sleeping disorder is eventually gone thanks to this plan.


praying this works for my gums.

tHE wHITE hOT mA mA'SS says:

hey me and stan like this

Knocking Owl says:

This is amazing… I think it whispers powerful reminders of who we really are. Could you please do one for immune boosting? Or does this work as well?

Sam Leek says:

This makes my face go numb just minutes into listening, I think I prefer around 300 and higher this is a bit low for me

Austin Sauer says:

wish I knew what was whispered. I just felt real exceptional

Peter Summersett says:

This is right at the top, in my choices for music for healing.

Mark Reynolds Subliminals says:

Wow love this and what a great selection you have keep up your good work 🙂

Pawel Sitkowski says:

UWAGA 666!!!

Tracy McPherson says:

I began listening to these sleep recordings when I began a detox for systemic yeast infection. Amazingly what I have found is I am releasing emotional trauma that has been buried for over 30 years. Brings up dreams(nightmares?) upon waking I recall the situation and know that my body has released that form of toxin. Thank you for your wonderful work.

pallavi ramane says:

will this heal meniscus degeneration??

Austin Sauer says:

listened to a 528hz for many hours and something magical whispered in my ear something profound . Like it unlocked a part of my inner self

GameplayJenny says:

This is AWESOME!

postmoderncyberpunk says:

I got a flu shot yesterday and cut my finger today, I hope this helps. I prefer the lower frequencies like this and 174hz.

Aylah D says:

This meditation music is EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iahel Cathartes Aura says:

Slept really well, healed up from stress & overly strenuous use of muscles… had more strength & endurance for work at the end of the week than I had at the beginning 🙂 This works great for me. Peace & gratitude.

The177Hunter says:

good music to smoke to. almost instantly passed out on my couch. lol

CALM Space says:

ENJOY Exceptional Self-Healing Music – using the power of solfeggio sound frequencies to reach deep levels of your Brain ..
Simply RELAX and Heal – As gentle sounds transport you into your own CALM Space© – where natural Mind and Body Healing can happen effortlessly.
For Maximimum Benefit=> LISTEN 15-20 mins 2x day (or at least 3 times a week) for 4-12 weeks to CHANGE Your Brain at deep neural levels.
Optimum Time of day is Before Sleep – as your mind passes through its natural hypnagogic state when you are more receptive to new learning.
The result can be a calmer, easier, more comfortable YOU

Erika Csizmadia says:

I have excessive scar tissue and adhesions after a surgery. I don't want this music to give me even more scar tissues,I want them to dissolve. Is this the right music to listen to?

Multisteini Johns says:

does it have to be creepy? im trying to sleep.

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