852Hz || “LEVITATE” || Music to Raise Inner Strength & Awaken Intuition || Solfeggio Frequency Music

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This track is called “LEVITATE” . Its based on 852Hz Music – The frequency known to Raise Inner Strength & Awaken Intuition. This Solfeggio frequency also resonates with the Third Eye Chakra. According to legends from ancient india, one can achieve physical levitation if we meditate on 3rd eye chakra.

We hope this music will help!!

Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Music Copyright ⓒ 2018 Meditative Mind. All Rights Reserved.


Samir dayal singh says:

you guys are doing great work.

Hilda Rosli says:


Louise Burke says:

This is wonderful! divine sounding of the universe & it's expansiveness. Thankyou. This is a keeper. 💖🙏💖🌍🌎🌏

corvette724 says:

So chilling ✌😎

Angels Unite says:


Dave Smith says:

Lovely, I'm able to hold my energetic form in a star tetrahedron due to having awakened my kundalini. There are powerful energies going around:) the world is allowing us to wake up faster if we drop resistance. Believe in yourself and realise your shape frequency vibration and colour/emotion more than a "human" or character. Sit in the centre of your mind and do all the chants for the chakras. Ommmm being purple. This will allow you to make snow flake like forms with your mind/energy dynamic which results in being closer to God as he does things. Ego is fractal mess, find stillness in symmetry. Yaaaaaa is green love and the heart chakra. Do this sound also:) do all seven:)

Kyle Coughenour says:

Love it after a crazy day it nice to let the meditation music zone you into another reality

DeepDiving Diva says:

Love it ! Great title too

Jestem dumny wow says:

Why 1:11:11?

Metaphysical Mike says:

1:11 🙂

Ghashto Dersa says:

1:11:11 is a very powerful time lol

Jon Bell says:

Top class. Thank you.

Elena Elena says:

Wow!!!!Divine sound!!! Realy meditation of the soul <3)…Thank you and big apreciation !!!

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