528 Hz | Solfeggio Sleep Music | Repairs DNA | Miracle Tone

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528 Hz | Solfeggio Sleep Music | Repairs DNA | Miracle Tone

Calming Sleep Music based on Solfeggio Frequency of 528Hz which is also known as the Love Frequency, Miracle Tone, Frequency of Transformation. Here are some of the Benefits of 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency Music

✓ It returns human DNA to its original, perfect state.
✓ It brings transformation and miracles into your life.
✓ DNA reparation is followed by its beneficial effects of increased amount of energy.
✓ It also helps in balancing and tuning Solar Plexus Chakra which helps in more Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Solfeggio frequencies are nine tones derived from numerology were used centuries ago. These frequencies are believed to create positive shifts to those in proximity to them.

You are advised to use this as sleep music at low volumes.
You can also use this as background music, as you do your normal chores. We have purposefully kept the screen as dark, so that screen light is minimized.
We hope that this music will heal you, and help you.

Smile & Cultivate Mindfulness

We thank you from bottom of our hearts for making Meditative Mind one of the best resource of Meditation Music, Relaxing Music, Chakra Meditations and Solfeggio Frequency Music, Healing Music and Chants, Mantra Meditations and Sleep Music on Youtube. Thanks a ton for all the love, blessings and support.

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If you have any questions regarding Solfeggio Frequencies or Meditation and Healing in General, You can ask us in the comments below. We would also love to hear about the feedback and suggestions, please dont hesitate to let us know.

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Smoky MountainChaz says:

whoa this really works for someone who only sleep 3 to 4 hours. It wiped me out for over 9 hours and dry mouth very thirsty. I recommend you drink lots of water

Noah Pacifico says:

Discover The Power of the Subconscious Mind https://cf.worldofsubliminals.com/the-subconscious-power

Dix Roby says:

🌺 Penetra 🌺 🌹 Pulisce 🌹
🌸 Va 🌸

Ben *** says:

love the music, credit for that . bud i like to know if there is a good app that messures hz, just to check if really is 528hz

Limitless T!pzzy says:

Eternally grateful for n to you🌞 this is so beautiful i love it!🤗

SomeGuyXD65 says:

I slept for only 4 hours yet feel as if I've had all day, definitely effective.

Tina Angel says:

hey love the music. ty.

Clara Carpentier says:

Commander gesture civilian bowl dig sexually lap bomb vary resist Islamic.

Marcus Moe says:

The tunes of a SPIRIT COMING

Erica Johnson says:

I slept to one of your other sounds last night and woke up refreshed. my dream was of love lost. this morning i woke up sad. i found this sound and took a snooze. i was laying awake but with my eyes closed. i just opened them to write that i saw an angel. he wrote his name from right to left twice and guided my hands to write it as well while laying down. he took me to my apartment where my fiance is (i am currently at my moms due to a big argument) we hovered over my fiance and dog in the bed while they slept. my angel asked me what i wanted, i said unconditional love from my fiance. we flew up into dark space and through a small lens i saw them sleeping. the angel drew a circle around himself, symbols and he burst through as a light and struck a bolt down. i then saw myself, all in the first person, i was me with my hands moving, in the kitchen feeding the 2 dogs. my fiance was standing by the porch door. my angel tossed him around telling him to stop hurting me and asked me again what i wanted. i said to be back home with them but living in San Francisco. he then did the same thing with the bolt. i saw my fiances eyes have a white light come out as his body shook as if electrocuted. i then hugged and kissed him as he did the same deeply. i felt love. i then lifted off and waa left seeing that image fade out as i was in a dark space environment then i opened my eyes. i lay on my back in alignment always but this made me curl up in fetal position. i was listening to this with headphones. it just happened about 20 minutes ago so im writing this now. .i don't understand what has happened. i am not afraid….but wonder how this sound, while i was still awake but with my eyes closed, allowed this to happen so quickly. AMAZING. THANK YOU

marananda1 says:

Very healing and cleansing. I couldn't stop sobbing when it first came on. Then I just felt peace and calm.

Anait Grigoryan says:

thanks a lot for your meditations. my question is: why Im yawning even at the daytime while listening to meditations? thank u.

Leonard Waldon says:

Thoughts create electrical impulses. Every cell in the body is powered by electricity. Even DNA. There's nothing more powerful than the human will. Anything you can conceive you can attain in time.

Yannie Geerdink says:

Wow, this moves me. I plan this for sleeping with a feeling of personal safety and universal love as well, including love for the ones we can not love yet in personal life and also the ones that aren't here anymore like mom, dad and my brother. Thank You Meditative Mind!

Kathryn Foss says:

Binaural beats knock me out every time. I have been using then for a week to sleep and it's been the best week in terms of sleep of my life. I am also doing far better in my courses. It's amazing.

Suziesational says:

Can't listen to this. It gives me a headache. 😕

Jakub Musilek says:

Repairs DNA.. riiiiight

Brian Krall says:

Best sleep frequencies out there

Knocking Owl says:

Definitely a keeper for my bedtime meditation 😍 it was sooooo easy to hit alignment 😆💖 if people could listen to this for an hour everyday, there would be a new level of peace 😌💕

TLR Sexuality says:

Best sleep track on youtube

Peter Nicholls says:

Share this knowledge people…you tube; "The Mind-Blowing Story of a Simple Cure for 97% of Disease" wake up! and spread the word ……….. "You Have Been Lied To From The Day You Was Born!"………………..

Jax Nean says:

So this sound fixes DNA….wow…and all of those idiots working in biology labs with equipment costing millions of dollars! DOH..!

Abhijit Maiti says:

There are so many miracle time which one is effective for effective for me how can I know

X Three says:

what good is this with commercials lol

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