DNA Replication Animation – Super EASY

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DNA Replication Animation
— Mitosis Video: https://goo.gl/uf6hh4
— Meiosis Video: https://goo.gl/6nZ2Dk
— Transcription & Translation Video: https://goo.gl/KsJSkM
— More information on DNA Replication: https://goo.gl/fhK1eY

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This Animation explains in detail how the DNA replication takes place.
DNA Replication video.
DNA Replication animation.
DNA Replication tutorial.
How does DNA replication work
Why is DNA replication important.
What is DNA.
DNA replication made easy.
what is DNA replication.
DNA replication made simple.
DNA Transcription.
DNA Translation.
Transcription and Translation.


BrickerBlocky says:

Never in my life have I been legitimately frightened by a biology video

Reshma Kauser says:

vomiting sensetion, 😵DNA is so dirty like a insects

Ramesh Koshyari says:

Thanks it helped me to much

Soraj Gurjar says:

Very well teaching 😘😘😘😘😊😚😚😚😚🎼

Md. Abdur Rahman Khan says:

yak but good animation

Cari says:

we are made of histones.

Cathal King says:

What force pulls the histones/polymerases in and out?

A A says:

I love the wind instrument and how it keeps repeating over and over and now the noodles ride down and up the rollercoaster.

A A says:

I love the wind instrument and how it keeps repeating over and over.

wayndell says:

DNA like Blood… Universal DNA/Universal Donor
Alien/Human breeding

Michael Phelps says:

Directed by David Lynch

Ja says:

3 minutes of this video made I understand all clearly, even I can't English very well. 😀 Thanks a lot! 🙂

svitlana martynuk says:

It doesn't mention the need of an RNA primer on the leading strand. DNA Polymerase III needs a primer, regardless whether elongating the leading strand or the lagging strand!

S. says:

What about the origin of replication? ORC? CMG complex? These oversimplified animations are the opposite of helpful.


well come in to organic chemochal


mazon und electrons))))

Depressed Bulls Fan says:

the music for the first part was scary, when it got to the second part i thought ok the music is less scary now but after a while it starting making me feel really nervous and uncomfortable

Rabia Arshad says:

It made me easy to understand… Thnks

marbanak says:

Some of the best visuals at the end are obscured by nuisance icons for other links.

Myron Moyani says:

hey there.what are the stages of DNA replication involve a condensation reaction?

Myia Aiges says:

My biggest question when studying replication is why is it so complicated? Not in understanding, but in functioning in the human body? Most of the processes in the human body are highly specific and heavily regulated due to our compartmentalization, so it's understandable, but I've never seen a process so complicated (like all the extra proteins needed to complete the lagging strand). Is this simply due to the helical structure of the DNA? I know we have several ways to check for error, but it seems like the lagging strand could be miscopied from just one of those malfunctioning, essential proteins.

Martin Pigeon says:

damn this is creepy

Mads Andreasen says:

This was helpful af. The description in my textbook was literal garbage

Vicki K. says:

This is a nice refresher

Atil :I says:

These histoms goes fast like crazy

Art Toegemann says:

These graphics should be in 3D, freeviewed, cross eyes and parallel and online.

Dhruv Parmar says:

dafod banave 6

Pedro Aguiar says:

That's crazy

Jolly Holly says:

It is actually DNA Primase that adds the RNA primer…

Dougie Quick says:

And intelligent people actually try to believe this happened accidentally??

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