417 Hz | Wipes out all the Negative Energy | 9 Hours

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417 Hz is one of the beautiful solfeggio frequency which is known to wipe out all the negativity inside us. Its a frequency that can bring change, it marks the starts of new beginnings in the life, and its so powerful that it can reverse and undo negative happenings.

Benefits of 417Hz Solfeggio Frequency
✓ Remove Negative Energy from the Body
✓ Remove Negative Energy from the Home and Office
✓ Remove Negative Thoughts and Behavior Patterns
✓ Undo Situations with Negative Outcome
✓ Facilitate Change in you and others
✓ To Come out of Trauma

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DergTheDergon says:

Been going through a spiritual awakening, but there has been quite a few emotional episodes, moments of utter pain as I become aware of the negative patterns within me. I had an urge that seemed to coem from the place of presence I was in earlier today, and… tha olace of presence has faded very little, if at all, all day, and people have been saying I look much calmer. NO outbursts today, when just last night I flew off the handle and the stressors that triggered that episode are still there. ALL the negativity I feel towards myself, and ANYONE AND ANYTHING ELSE are fading more and more as I immerse myself in this beautiful frequency more and more. Namaste, Meditative Mind. I love all reading this, and all fellow infinite beings in the midst of thier human experience. <3 :3

King Life says:

How do we know these sounds are good for us?

Benjamin LINDELL says:

Hi there I am going to go to the airport to get my dad to come back here and I will go live with my dad to come over and take a look and see what I can do for you doing what you want to do and I will tell you what I want you to come bye and I will go live with my dad to come back here I am at the airport I will need to

Jimmy Cosey says:

thank u beloved queen, u are really truly something special and great, love u to…

tlcode says:

Not a good frequency for me…

The Truth says:

Thank you so much!

roy krijthe says:

what a bullshit is this i have more negative in my brain than before

Gordon Parrott says:

So how does this undo and reverse negative happenings?

arinic7 says:

This really works!! I’m pleasantly surprised!! Now let’s see how long it lasts. Usually this type of thing is temporary like mostly everything else in life that’s good. Keeping my fingers crossed.

birdienumnums1 says:

where can these be purchased in CD format for those who do not have a computer??

surinder singh says:

Vari nice nad

Beloved SouljaBoyish Girl says:


Kim Kruy Chhour says:

I think this is the best. Thanks

NotofMan Radio says:

Ptsd, depression, anxiety, lackofsleep, nightmares and the inability to function normally anymore brought me here. Let's hope it keeps the voices at bay and a trigger away

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