Solfeggio 639 Hz ◈ Attract Love ◈ Raise Positive Energy | Pure Miracle Tones ✿ S4T6

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Healing Solfeggio Frequencies ◈ 639 Hz ◈ Attract Love ◈ Raise Positive Energy ✿ S4T6 featuring Chamber Bowls and Angelic Voices.

639Hz | Sleep Music | Love, Connection and Relationships. 639Hz is also one of the heart chakra frequencies. Benefits of 639 Hz frequency includes

✓ Enables creation of harmonious interpersonal relationships
✓ This tone can be used for dealing with relationships problems – those in family, between partners, friends.
✓ Talking about cellular processes, 639 Hz frequency can be used to encourage the cell to communicate with its environment
✓ Enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love.

Smile & Cultivate Mindfulness

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Music by Dilpreet Bhatia |
Motion Graphics by Sonicjar |

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The 4 says:

wow… speechless…

Marilina Merino says:

I love this! But the singing bowl is too loud! Just as I'm feeling so relaxed, it startles the heck out of me! Otherwise, it's lovely!

Ashwin Raman says:


Erv Melgo says:

What a beautiful feeling. Thank you.

RealJayJobes says:

This one is reaaalllyyy nice. Thank you for this.

Carmen zanon says:

drink Wather?

Valentin Nicolae Dragoi says:


Sojourn Soul says:

Interesting how the ring of the bell can either distract you, or help ease you into a deeper state of mind.

Kim Lee says:

My heart it will be open

Jamiroproductions says:

This is the starter music of the dranei Race in World of Warcraft , my main charakter was a dranei and i even got my name from him… this is magic <3

Meera Kṛṣṇa says:

I Love your music. But this one is scaring me!

Owais shah says:

wow this music is spiritual for mediation with secrets sounds

Angelica Marie Colon Agront says:

I feel like I'm swimming with a family of whales singing. XD Lovely tunes thanks

Robert Carson says:

The "Bell is 639Hz".

beatrice girardi says:

thanks, my silence is in love e this frequency is a manifestation of receving love

Najia Haimd says:

Thank you for sharing, Love and peace xoxoxo

Tengu Adrian says:

I love cocaine.

Ryan Burow says:

How do you which frequencies correlate with certain emotions??

sanddollar808 says:

Don't recommend this one for meditation or sleep. The gong or bell never stops. Extremely annoying. Maybe play while cleaning house or something.

ben winwood says:

Very good to practice standing Qigong to. I felt very good after my session with this, thank you.

Michael Lirette says:

Beautiful 😀

Don Morckel says:

Do you have 963hz ?

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