174Hz ❯ Heal Emotional and Physical Pain ❯ Mandala Meditation Music ❯ Healing Solfeggio Music

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174Hz ❯ Heal Emotional and Physical Pain ❯ Mandala Meditation Music ❯ Healing Solfeggio Music

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Kathy Paaaina says:

Aloha love the mendales putting on my projector until I figure out how my near 8 year old Grandson locked me out of my PC in 30
Seconds brilliant minds these children who waited so long for their turn on Earth Hugs from me to you MAHALO

Beccalucky says:

Love it so❤

Vintique alicious says:

What the heck! I keeps breaking up 😣


helps with my grinding. thanks.

IAM99 says:

Skyrim Kid says:

I wish the videos uploaded would have more information about the sound frequencies in the description. Like the older videos had.

far away says:


IA .. Hi sorry for landing in your back yard, we've no idea where to park.

IH.. That's ok, to be honest, you've probably landed in the best place available.

AI.. really? How do ?

IH.. because you would have been met with hostile forces if our leaders had met you first.

IA.. Have we landed on a hostile planet?

IH… Well yeah, but to be honest, we only kill each other, we've not yet had a chance to kill aliens.

AI.. So you kill your own kind? Why?

IH.. oh yeah all the time, I've got decaffe and herbal tea, take a chair and I will do my best to explain.

AI.. herbal please tea ☕️

IH.. Our planet is a beautiful thing, it produces air to breath and grows food for us to eat and water to drink. It sustains our bodies and all living creatures that share it.

IA.. that's great , your planet looks beautiful from space and we were excited about visiting here, so why did you say you kill each other? It sounds very odd when you live on a planet like this.

IH… In the early days we hunted for food and ate other living creatures and plants. We killed for food.

IA.. Our planet did this also but we evolved to eat just plants, we found that eating our living creatures gave us ill bodies over many years, so we now show respect to all living things and do not consume them as food.

IH.. This is my dog 🐶.. he lives with me and gives me great comfort , I've always owned these type of creatures.

IA.. owned? You mean it has no freedom other than what you decide to give it?

IH.. that is correct , when you put it that way it makes it sound kind of wrong.

IA.. I'm not here to judge.

IH.. Tea ok?

IA.. ya

IA… So this planet looks a great place to live, can we talk more about why you kill each other?

IH.. lots of reasons and to be honest, now you've asked that question my mind is rushing to grasp all the reasons we do it. I will try and explain the best I can.

IA.. take your time.. time is irrelevant.. I'm guessing you don't know that?

IH.. sips tea.. There are 2 main reasons we kill each other 1, money 2, religion. There are other reasons but I will try explain these 2 first.


Our human development graduated to trading different foods and commodities this planet offered from different places which worked well as ALL benefited from this arrangement . However as time progresses a certain human came up with the idea of exchanging bits of paper with a number on it which would depict a value.
This was a huge huge mistake but it wasn't an intentional invention to bring human kind to its knees, it was a simple idea to swap commodities.

IA.. so what went wrong?

IH.. Greed.. ego.. power

IA.. I read about that in our ancient history on a planet near us, it's now a dead planet.

IH.. the other reason is a subject called religion, we as a species have evolved wanting answers as to why we are here and as we evolved different parts of our world developed different ways of explaining our existence. This has led to many wars and killing because they all think their explanation is the correct one and therefore if you don't believe in that theory then you have to be killed.

AI.. Another tea ☕️ please.

AH .. of course

IA… I'm really struggling with this.. so bits of paper with a fictional value placed on it decide if your kind eat or starve? Your planet gives freely its food and water why have humans in power made its own people give bits of paper in order to eat when it's freely available?
Is this also the case with this dwelling you live in?

IH.. yes I cannot live in this dwelling for free.. it takes lots of fictional paper to live here everyday.

AI… wow, why ? This planet can provide for you in every way, why don't you live for free?

IH.. because the authorities of our planet don't like free thinkers and free living. It does not help them amass fictional value and therefore they cannot purchase fictional items which they think awards them happiness.

IA.. but freedom of expression is happiness is it not? Why do you need fictional value to have happiness? It makes no sense.

IH.. I know … sigh!! 😞

AI.. don't your off spring learn and evolve and create from past mistakes?

IH.. I'm afraid our education system is very ridged and only teaches the ways of our fictional leaders want them to learn.

AI.. my source.. this is barbaric

IH.. 😥

IA.. What is that in the other room it looks like other humans are talking to you.

IH.. it's called a TV it's a portal in which we watch other humans portrayed as fictional characters as other humans.

IA… LOL .. your world is very fictional

IH.. 🙄😞

IA.. please show me one of these fictional things

IH … the matrix trilogy is quite good.. please have my chair .. press that button just there .. it's a recliner .

IA… it appears your fictional characters are aware of our source but in a very primitive way. We have been aware of our creator for many generations now and do not suffer amnesia in order to experience the physical experience when we inhabit a physical body. It's obvious that your kind still require amnesia for your chosen physical experience.

IH.. some of us on this planet are now becoming aware. It's growing and feels very powerful. We know we live many different physical lives and it's our choice to have this experience, it's frustrating we come here with amnesia but if I really think about it we do need it to experience genuine emotional issues.

IA.. thank you for the tea and chat… we love you and sincerely hope you don't kill all of your civilisation before you get to know source without enforcement of amnesia… you do live for eternity so don't sweat the small stuff … LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED 🙏

D a w s a c says:

The moment this started I started tearing a little bit for some reason…

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