963Hz | Pineal Gland Activation | Sleep Music | Solfeggio Sleep Meditation Music

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963Hz | Pineal Gland Activation | Sleep Music | Solfeggio Sleep Meditation Music

Solfeggio frequencies are nine tones derived from numerology were used centuries ago. These frequencies are believed to create positive shifts to those in proximity to them. 963hz is associated with awakening intuition and activating Pineal Gland

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You are advised to use this as sleep music at low volumes.
You can also use this as background music, as you do your normal chores. We have purposefully kept the screen as dark, so that screen light is minimized.
We hope that this music will heal you, and help you.

Smile & Cultivate Mindfulness

We thank you from bottom of our hearts for making Meditative Mind one of the best resource of Meditation Music, Relaxing Music, Chakra Meditations and Solfeggio Frequency Music, Healing Music and Chants, Mantra Meditations and Sleep Music on Youtube. Thanks a ton for all the love, blessings and support.

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If you have any questions regarding Solfeggio Frequencies or Meditation and Healing in General, You can ask us in the comments below. We would also love to hear about the feedback and suggestions, please dont hesitate to let us know.

Smile & Cultivate Mindfulness

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TheSupanovaX says:

OK been researching third eye and how to open it for an hr or two. Came across this video and decided to close my eyes and listen and as soon as I closed and listened for 5 secs I felt the same feeling as sleep paralysis overcome me and open my eyes quick af. NOPE FUCK THAT that shit was scary af. I literally have tears running down my eyes for no reason. They said it is bad to open it but I didn't believe it but now I do. DO NOT TRY THIS! I DO NOT ADVISE ANYONE TO TRY THIS!

vasilikavanya says:

My gosh, this has truly opened up my mind. I am now back in touch with the spiritual world! I thought I had lost the power.

berend bouwkeet says:

As a critic i listened to this..and now i'm sure!! It's BS

JennWeed1 says:

Thank you for the black screen to keep my room dark while the video plays all night. 🙂

jessie xie says:

I like this one, thank you for sharing.

Hans Peter says:

Its awesome when you are on acid

California says:

WTF you guys smoking? This shit creeps me out lol

Moomaniac says:

This is idiotic, the way binaural beats work is dependent on headphones.

hilebard says:

It becomes what you make of it.

john garrett says:

These tones summon demons. I dreamed about Satan and dead people all night.

Alpha Omega says:

@meditative minds

Alpha Omega says:

i have a question ?

Time traveler says:

Very difficult to masturbate to this but I'm not giving up

McrUk says:

Wow i get shivers flowing all over when i listen to this frequency

LeAaron says:

Useless lies…This did nothing for me what so ever.

Adriana says:

Is this useful in decalcifying the pineal gland?

ohwhatever says:

this is really weird. listening at any speed from 0.5 to 2 makes absolutely no difference, but you hear nothing at 0.25.

sone4soshi says:

two g's. not three.

John Rotio says:

I love the high frequencies why is that??

Yolanda Pérez says:

it works. Namaste :))

Yap Yi Xuan says:

kindly ask for frequency that will grow wealth and prosperity

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