528 Hz | The Miracle Tone | Solfeggio Soundscapes

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528 Hz | The Miracle Tone | Solfeggio Soundscapes

Know How this Miraculous Tone can help in Healing and Transformation

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steve thompson says:

So beautiful 💖

Jason Szeili says:

Helps calm me down and reduces my discomfort when I have a headache…. not sure how, but anything to relieve the pain is more than welcome! Thank you!!

Mauricium says:

makes me deezy

Natural FrequenciesHz says:

This makes us feel inspired. We love it! 😊❤️✌️

Paeng Domz says:


Naveen Chandra says:

This is very effective sound to keep ur mind still where u want

Aditya Mishra says:

I really doubt if any of these are actually 528hz i have heard like 5 different 528hz sounds and all sound different, how is it possible that the same frequency can sound different from different uploaders?? doesnt make sense….either no one has uploaded the true 528hz or only one has.

Ravi Jha says:

Power of Meditation #Hinduism what peace sound and peacefulness it gives specially the Chanting of OM

ThiagoDF69 says:

Muito bom muito forte, parabéns

AudioPerspective says:

Hi, I woud like to know what kind of software or plugin you are using for these loops…? Thank You

X t i n a H C says:

Makes me sleepy   🙂     ^-^    ^_^     -_-

matthew whitfield says:

What is it with this sound? I just thought I'd have a little listen and I'm going to listen to it tonight when I go to bed because it makes me feel hypnotic!

Miroslav Bogdanov says:

These latest frequency videos are truly amazing – thank you Meditative Mind!!!

Grant Jennings says:

My toddler daughter says "woah wooooooow 5. 2. 8!"

Paeng Domz says:

Confirming i am a 528 frequency…

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