What happens when your DNA is damaged? – Monica Menesini

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The DNA in just one of your cells gets damaged tens of thousands of times per day. Because DNA provides the blueprint for the proteins your cells need to function, this damage can cause serious issues—including cancer. Fortunately, your cells have ways of fixing most of these problems, most of the time. Monica Menesini details the processes of DNA damage and repair.

Lesson by Monica Menesini, animation by FOX Animation Domination High-Def.


Michael Gitonobel says:

Love the way this channel illustrate this concept.

glitter cupcake sisters says:

I love your videos they are so easy to understand a child can understand

vandan agrawal says:

Great to know that our body is working better and harder than the government to keep us alive.

Linda Collazo says:

if i have myopia (and i do) do i have incorrect dna somewhere in my body?

Roi Nymphornithorynque says:

yeah but when my chromosomes will be short …

Alishiran says:

You got to be kidding me?
Is this actually real?

Aitzaz Hussain says:

proteins are so smart


How can I download the transcription of this video?

ismail Cem Eroglu says:

undamaged is probably your other parents set (they protect you even after their death)😊

Eucalyptus says:

Thank you so much! This helped me with my Biology lesson!

Wangnao Bannyei K says:

Our cell are very working hard for keep us alive

Ankur Tyagi says:

Very good animation.. Funny 😂

Brandon Anderson says:

I have watched this like 4 times, I haven't learned much but his voice has calmed me so much I'm ready to fail this exam like a boss.

Arvin Park says:

Those proteins are so cute

Ali Ghazian says:

Thanks so much

Siva Manasan says:


Mohit Sharma says:


Таня Рясина says:

Spatial structures of proteins with an accuracy of 100% up to picometer http://nanoworld.org.ru/topic/1837/

Hgljdid Ljdid says:

God is creator perfect

MagnumRoland says:

lolled at 4.15 xD

Pug Hermit says:

DNA by BTS. ( If you're in 2017)

Manika Das says:

Explains in such a simple and interesting way. Very good one for recommending students too.

Samia Ahmad says:

Me: sees title
Me: DIVERGENT!!!!!!!!!!!

Brigitte Wagner says:

What a wonderful lesson. I will share it to all my clients for better understanding of our bodies resourcefulness.

Michael Kenney says:

what about the DNA that provides motor function? I have a rare undetermined genetic disorder that decreases my motor functions in my left side like Parkinson's however I have been told that I don't have Parkinson's my doctor suspected something called perry syndrome and also dystonia, i also have minor scoliosis I just wish there was a way to replace or fix the missing genes so I can have my life back

Yo Boiii Sean :3 says:

When you learn more at YouTube than school.

Liên Trần says:

So amazing 😮

Michael Tacza says:

I wish we can control out dna and but a code for us to live forever and basicly do anything

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