From DNA to protein – 3D

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This 3D animation shows how proteins are made in the cell from the information in the DNA code.

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road runner says:

Many thanks.

Heloísa Boll says:

Oh my god. I LOVE this!!! Nature is AMAZING.

Trent Suveges says:

Nice cartoon.

Robert Armstrong says:

God and DNA are incredible and inseparable

TocyBlox says:

2 Weeks of school in 2:41 minutes

Livvy says:

That is what I was looking for!👌🏻Perfect!

saber zeghiche says:

treait beuax video merci

Kirill says:

how on earth did people figure it out? Amazing.

Abdullah Ertan says:

kardeş elinize sağlık dersi anlamamda büyük rol oynadı. Thank you

Deets J. says:

This animation is on another level

The LightgamingTutorials says:

this will get my bio teacher wet

Patrick Dooley says:

Great video, but I thought each chromosome is actually two independent strands of DNA ( that are identical )

ilona kvaratskhelia says:

im gratefull. thans for that

Jan Olijerhoek says:

I use this video all the time during my lessons, but today my pupils noticed that at 0:59 there is an Uracil Nucleotide visible in the DNA?

Edgard Mas says:

Amazing Reality

Edgard Mas says:

Maravilhoso, Emocionante,

Maximilian Sutton says:

when she said folded up into a protein i shouted HELL YEAH!

into the darkness says:

Thank you sooo soooo much

neetu Rajawat says:

You cleared my concept, thank you.

Lord jenner says:

la venchii er dette årti's bedste kunstner

LameDood says:

This is how I turn bitches on.

Dwight Schrute says:

This video does a phenomenal job at explaining this. I love the short pauses after each stated fact, to give viewers time to process the information.

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