Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz, Mend DNA: Cell Regeneration, Miracle Skin Repair Music Brainwave

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Miracle solfeggio 528Hz music… Experience the healing powers of this calming DNA repair music. CD now available:
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CLICK HERE for more information on Solfeggio 528 Hz and to purchase quality MP3 download: This track is using frequencies that I am experimenting with. It has both binaural beats and isochronic tones within it. THIS IS NOT TO TAKE THE PLACE OF MEDICAL ADVICE – for enjoyment purposes only.


The first layer is beautiful healing music to help mask the tones. The music alone is quite relaxing and ethereal in sound. I think you will enjoy this.
The next layer is a binaural beats track at 111 Hz. This has Beta endorphins that have been previously been used for cell regeneration, skin repair, healing.
I have placed another isochronic tones track set at a Solfeggio Frequency of “MI” – 528 Hz. (“MI-ra gestorum” in Latin meaning miracle )
This has been said to mend and repair broken DNA by biochemists, and strengthen the cell walls to boost the immune system. It has sometimes been called the “Transformation and Miracles” frequency.

“These original sound frequencies were apparently used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, such as the great hymn to St. John the Baptist, along with others that church authorities say were lost centuries ago. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses. These powerful frequencies were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo as described in the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. I give honor to both of these gentleman for the part they’ve played in helping return these lost frequencies back to humanity.” Thanks to for this information. (A fantastic site!)

This music is never to take the place of professional medical advice or assistance of any kind.


sergio garzon says:

528 is mostly related to the color green and its chakra, I just thought it could help increase its potency.
Awesome posts!.

Anne Peppercorn says:

I absolutely love this one Jason. I have been told that I have Sjogrens Syndrome also called dry body syndrome an auto immune disease and there is no cure. I beg to differ. I believe there is a cure for everything on this planet. Louise Hay States in her Heal Your Body book that the emotional causes the physical. She state the feeling of incurable as a belief is what we believe at the time. The affirmation is." Miracles happen every day . I go within to dissolve the pattern that creates this. And now I accept divine healing. I know I have work to do on myself and your meditaions are helping me a lot. I am so grateful for you sharing them and that I found you. I have tried others some great as well but keep coming back to yours. You voice is so calming the music and videos amazing. It comes across that you really care and want ti help people. Please could you consider doing a video for my condition if possible. In the meantime I will be playing this one often. Thank you so much. 💗

Nancy Castro says:

wow .. Thank you Jason so so so much for giving this for free !! .. I read a lot of the comments and I'm amazed with the people … they're so loving ! ,, .. it's great to know that there are so many people out there trying to do their best to heal themselves and reach out to strangers. It gives me hope!!! Thank you! .. sending love back at you and all 🙂

Sunayana Shukla says:

Love from india. ❤

Antoinette Chavez says:

I listen to your tapes often
I absolutely love your voice!!!
I haven't listened to this yet i will put on my saved list.
Thank you from
Mt Shasta California

Greg Meiners says:

This is very beautiful thank you.

SaraH Maria says:

This is a good stuff! I felt the vibration and I felt so good! Love it!

Yatukih001 says:

The beautiful music here has the same healing quality as a quality black megal song. Well done!!!!

Ana Gacita Benaso Woods says:

Good 😊 morning Jason just want to say thank You 😊 so much for all the Affirmation, Meditation, hypnosis that you and your staffs or colleagues created. They've been helping me and I'm sure do that there's so much lovely 😊people out there in the core of of our incredible wonderful universe and to our amazingly Mother Earth. God Bless you and your loved ones and the Whole 🌎 World and spread and energies the frequency of LOVE ❤️…😇🙏❤️💚💜👸🏽🌎 Amen 🙏

Klangtraeume says:

I heard many different records of 528 Hz. This is the very best one! The effect is amazing!

Richman 4066 says:

So, this could theoretically heal acne, sunburn rashes, and scars?

Richman 4066 says:

I absolutely LOVE the music

Alvaro Berriel Cantellano says:

Thank you so much ..Blessings From MEXICO

Vasilij Jonas-Morgan says:

my cat just FALL asleep on my hand after i play this on loud

marcos banderas says:

Jason Stephenson – Sleep Meditation Music Hi, due to weight loss, my face has became so thin & tired look that i lost all my attractiveness & muscles in my face. Will this video help to restore my old muscles on my face….???

Patrick Bellemare says:

Solfeggio is fascinating subject matter , "God said, let there be light" the Big Bang and the observable universe was spoken into exsistance.
"Think of the universe as frequency and vibration" Nicola Tesla

Ashley Hughes says:

I've had this terrible sinus cold the past few days. I just listened for an hour and no lie, I'm completely cleared up. No coughing, sneezing, wheezing, itchy throat or eyes, its seriously all gone! I will continue to listen. Thank you!

Olivia Herdt says:

does this help for acne?

Mister Bowers says:

I think I have a skin parasite. This seems to help. How long do I have to listen to this to be healed from this crawling sensation?

Owen fox - Grounded Spirituality & Healthy Living says:

I am the 11,101 liker. thank you <3 namaste and peace to all Beings xxx

Vincent Leguesse III says:

Definitely one of the best solfeggio frequencies by far. I meditated to this and everything is now making sense. Miraculous music.

Jaie Adriaens says:

ive tried everything im feeling im dying so am just listening to this, i have hoshimoto and thyroid problems im asking the universe god allah to help me and i came across this a few months ago, at least i feel calmer .i believe in natural cures and healing the mind , it has to be true, who puts these video,s together i mean who are these amazing people ?

Jonnie William says:

I meant to say look like Beyonce my bad

Jonnie William says:

please somebody tell me please somebody answer this question is is going to work if you use the Matrix play99 then to make you a lie Beyonce but it accidentally miss your face structure and stuff up with this really repair DNA

Gregory Ladson says:

this amazing beautiful!!!

Kelly TheGoddess says:

My first time listening to this while drifting off to sleep….I definitely felt at peace & refreshing when I woke…A keeper

Thank you!!!

Eidolon says:

Namaste Jason, I have wonderful effects by simply placing my drinking water in front of the speakers while playing solfeggio/Healing frequency tones. It restructures the water.

kabhi neem-neem ; kabhi shahad-shahad says:

when i heard it for first time i had mysterious out of body experience . .still wondering.

Petros Stavropoulos says:

In the description you say "This music is never to take the place of professional medical advice or assistance of any kind."

Never is a very long time for this sort of vibration to take place of medical advice

Lorena Navas says:

thank you for sharing..namaste oxoxo

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