six in one solfeggio (396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852) + theta beats

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*****************PLEASE READ**********************
all main six solfeggio frequencies in one session* with theta binaural beats. (watch in highest quality you can!)
*All 6 frequencies spread across an hour in 10 minute segments.


00MrPanda00 says:

Can some explain to me each frequency.

Edward An Indigo says:

what you have here is a compilation of beats…..what im doing is actually combining them all together to make one sound.

Henry Arroyo says:

muy bueno, gracias

isaac GONZALES says:

does anyone who listens to this musical scale have any nightmares if they fall asleep while listening?

Yogi Steven says:

What would you get if you layered all these tones and played them together simultaneously?

Pilar Quiles says:

en serio esto funciona? porque es super torturante oirlo….supongo k es simplemente una forma de centrarnos en nosotros sin pensar nada más y focalizarnos en sanarnos…pero es realmente molesto! como se supone que debe escucharse para maximizar sus efectos?

John Chisenall says:

I go to sleep with this on a regular basis and it has helped me out when it comes to dealing with stress and inner peace I need to focus more on higher frequency though because I want to open my third eye or at least decalcify it

Mark Stweig says:

Some thing's to try [ charge a glass of water with a tone by placing a speaker over the top and playing it (six glasses six tone's) then sip them all day long!

Carolyn Alinio says:

Kindly explain the essence of each frequency. Tnx

Carlos Bernal Iglesias says:

el que dice 396 es en realidad 394 Hz
el 417 es en realidad 420 HZ
El 517 es en realidad 531 Hz
El 639 es en realidad 637 Hz
el 441 es en realidad 739 Hz
el 852 es en realidad 555 Hz

Medido con un FRECUENCIMETRO..

Maria Barbacariu says:

thenqiu very much..gracias..Multumesc..very good..yes..Beauteful


Lo escucho y tal parece que me descongestiona la nariz sin padecer de ello……..acaso me armoniza ?

Brandy Bradford says:

read all the comments took some notes had a few aha moments. now I get to listen. thanks in advance I am so excited.

Brandy Bradford says:

and I sell Kirby Avalir Home care systems (vaccume cleaners).😇

Brandy Bradford says:

oh W. O. W. I only watched one video on nic Tesla. I Knew a little about him. I was born 9/9/1980.
I also have two children that were born two years apart on the same month same day the 18. I got a little buzz on my right arm like the hair standing up. like an aha moment.

Ariane Matos says:

it is so amazing. it Takes me home. feel confortable. calm my thought down

juanis migue says:

Mk ..ultra…

Sheryl Hohman says:

It would be nice if the Description included a time – frequency list, along with a reminder of what each frequency is for. Example:

00:00 528 Hz: Repairs DNA, Brings Positive Transformation
10:00 936 Hz: Pineal Gland Activation for..
20:00 417 Hz: Cleansing Negative Influence from…

cameron stokley says:

What did I find?…

Sarah Ahumada says:

Sólo quiero saber si las frecuencias de solfeo ayudaron a alguien.
 En términos de sus efectos positivos en la mente o la vida de las personas.
 He empezado a descubrirlos, pero no demasiado seguro de si es sólo otro galimatías o una oferta real.
 Lo he usado la noche anterior con algún resultado positivo. Mi mente se sentía más claro y más fresco …. pero no estoy seguro si es un efecto placebo o una oferta real.
quiero saber si realemnte sirven o no, porfavor informenme de algun cambio postivo

Kurt Astarita says:

WOW! I listened to this pretty loud on 1080p, and my god! I began to here it coming out of the speaker obviously. But then abut 30 seconds in it slowly traveled into my head as if the sound was originating in my head, and not coming from the speakers at all. Amazing i'm going to continue listening!

Thunesite says:

If I listen to any one of these frequencies on a different channel, it seems to sound different. My question is, shouldn't these frequencies sound similar despite which youtuber post them?!! Why do they sound different?!! Just trying to make sure I'm not programming myself to commit suicide, lol.

ha thach says:

when i hear this music my headache disappear!

Travis Memolo says:

it seams to me; if I play this with my eyes shut, the tone travels left to right in my head. Is this just me?

Wanda Ott says:

My open sores are finally closing thank you

lil' Monstro says:


Soviet 666 says:

Me fui a otro plano…..1000000% recomendado

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