963Hz ❯ Pure Tone Soundbath ❯ Pineal Gland Activator ❯ Solfeggio Frequency Healing Music

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963Hz ❯ Pure Tone Soundbath ❯ Pineal Gland Activator ❯ Solfeggio Frequency Healing Music

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shining river says:

thank you for this sublime music 🙂 🙂

Robert Brown says:

Very relaxing!! May you live long and prosper

Beanie Sandals says:

Sounds really great! But I think you missed the meaning of "pure tone"…

jk0f1 says:

You obviously don't know what pure tone means

Jennifer Winterburn says:

When I have a therapy massage listening to these beautiful sound baths and other work of yours, my massages work at a more deeper healing level. Thank you so very much 🙏🌹

TheLoveRevolution says:

God bless you

Leo Khan says:

while I was listening I felt a squeeze inside the brain

Suzanne Nichols says:

Thank you. <3

Jay White says:

Shoowee my pineal gland shoo lmao!

MrGerardo says:

I have reached the point where I can no longer handle working. I have been at this job for over 11 years and I am done. What ideas do you people have for working from home?

Марина Платонова says:

БлагоДарю за этот Божественный покой!

I-Love-Music says:

This is where real ART begins…*
Many Thanks

Magnolia Heaven says:

love this! thank you!

Leah Shellberg says:

Please keep making the sound baths!! I love these.

Shirley Ng says:

Thank you for sharing.

plop888 says:

This is just what I need.
Are the tones synthesized, played on instruments, or sampled?

sam sneed says:

LOVED IT!!it was a perfect balance of tones that gave me plenty of visions

Andre Ravaglia says:

Estraordinario 👏🏻

Nicolas Clauzelle says:

Thanks you….

piscesBLUEstar says:

I have a question re the difference between s frequencies, binaural beats and isochronic tones. Are the beats and tones both falling under the umbrella of solfeggio frequencies?

Everloveya Shakira sabrina says:

beautiful wonderful music

Glory Joker says:

I have to say that these kind of soundtracks are simply #nextlevel
You do awesome stuff keep doing that…..With greetings and love for you all ✌🕉♾

Slender says:

Perfect !!!

Michael J King says:

Many thanks for your work. Love to know more about how you create these soundtracks and videos

AmbrociousXP says:

After this sound bath, I'm gonna go take a shower. I didn't mean anything bad by this…just trying to be punny.

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