The twisting tale of DNA – Judith Hauck

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What do a man, a mushroom, and an elephant have in common? A very long and simple double helix molecule makes us more similar and much more different than any other living thing. But, how does a simple molecule determine the form and function of so many different living things?

Lesson by Judith Hauck, animation by Cameron Slayden.


Metal Shen 75 eletric bald eagle says:

I want to create genetic anthropomorphic animals. 1st humans. 2nd the animals dna in the inject, 3rd we're need the machine to create genetic anthropomorphic animals, 4th if the anthropomorphic animals will work maybe is the tail & the wings,fur, feather,teeth,claws, paws, birds feet, the peacock tail & the horn.

M3m3nt0M0R1 says:

Il video più brutto del mondo, contiene molti insegnamenti ma cavoli…

Long Law says:

한글 자막이 이상합니다. 수정 해드리고 싶은데 어떻게 하면 되나요?

I think the Korean subtitle here is weird and wrong.
But how do I correct it? or report it?

Mridul Soni says:

last part is incorrect.

weiberfeind says:

So is DNA now considered pseudoscience since the Transgenders and Government say DNA doesn't determine sex?

Emad Rawashdeh says:

the end part regarding the mutation is incorrect. science didn't prove that mutation can make a useful change to the creature. so if u r evolutionist that doesn't give you the right to put ur opinion in scientific manner. be scientific.

Anonymous says:

Where is the origin of this protein signal that travels through the bloodstream to the pancreas. What cells of the body first produce them.

padoga says:

Seems to be an old vid. Other species, even bacteria, can have more genes.

TheyCallMeNewb says:

The nucleotide sequence mutations can happen spontaneously, now this sounds far from empirical.

Emad Ziad says:

ديوكسي رايبوز نيوكليد اسيد

TBat87 says:

Would you not conclude that homo sapiens and other animal species are complex? Well they were arrived at by the completely natural and autonomous mechanisms of evolution.

abbielayla says:

We surely know enough of it to be able to conclude that it is highly Complex.

abbielayla says:

''Unknown natural object''?!
But you were just rejoicing about how wonderfully we are able to explain phenomena that take place all over this ,,unknown'' Universe. Obviously, we don't know it fully, but to claim it is an ''unknown natural object'' is plain absurd. Science itself is based entirely on the belief that human beings own the capability of understanding the world around us, i.e. of ,,knowing'' the Universe. Otherwise, we wouldn't bother striving to understand it.

TBat87 says:


Comparing a known man-made object (plane) to an unknown natural object (universe) is a false analogy

doodelay says:

Son of a bitch, not only are we mostly inanimate (70% water) but we're also nearly entirely automatic (can't control protein production, immune system etc.) think about that…we can only control our movement. Can't even make ourselves stop thinking. We are automous and inanimate :/ AWESOME!

Posco B. says:

This subject is glorious.

TheJaredtheJaredlong says:

I believe in God and yet am not a hippy. But more importantly, I found another video that answered this question. The high quantity of genes is caused by genes splitting to replicate, but sometimes the genes don't get re-closed again. Most the time these genes are harmless, and the longer a lifeform has been around the higher number of extra genes it will acquire.

TheThugQuinn says:

Well….. humanity doesnt know everything . thats why those hippies still believe in god

TheThugQuinn says:

800th time Y more than 60% of all humans in world believe is THEORY instead of FACT : it's proven

TheThugQuinn says:

If a mutation happens that has nor good nor bad effects This will probably go into the population withouth effect BUT later this can further mutate to make
a mutation that is good for our survival and that will make us get more kids with the same mutation

IF a mutation happens that is bad for us it can decrease our surival chance and thus our kid rates so that that Bad mutation doesnt get transferred that much and eventually stops

useless mutations are still in us check Vestigial structures

TheThugQuinn says:

well evolution HAS happend we see microevolution all the time
once they let some salamanders on a new island wich they werent really adapted too for camouflage
10 years later they could see they had eveolved a new color typed skin so they were less visible
a brief explanation of how it could work is here

IF a mutation happens that has a good effect THEN then we have more chance of survival we get more kids and thiose kids will get the same mutation


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