AMAZING – FC Barcelona’s DNA in a goal / Golazo con ADN Barça

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The play lasted for 17 seconds and was spectacular. Seven Barça players were involved. Six vertical passes were made and then, the final touch, by ‘Miguelete’ Ramírez. Splendid. Sensational. Want more adjectives to describe such a goal? Grab your thesaurus.

The goal, which put FC Barcelona’s Under-15 team up 1–0 against La Floresta, was recently highlighted as a top youth academy goal by Barça TV. “This goal is the epitome of the Club’s model. It is the best example of our DNA,” said Cristian Catena, the coach of the U-15 team, which leads their group with 11 wins, 57 goals scored and only 6 against. Even Luis Enrique has offered them praise as example of the good work being done by the youth teams.


La jugada dura 17 segundos y es espectacular. La tocan siete jugadores azulgranas. Seis pases verticales y el toque final de ‘Miguelete’ Ramírez. Es un gol espléndido. Sensacional. Es el 1-0 anotado por el Cadete B contra La Floresta que ha sido elegido como el mejor gol de la pasada jornada por el programa ‘Promeses’ de Barça TV. “Este gol es el éxito del modelo Barça. Es el mejor ejemplo de nuestro ADN”, explica Cristian Catena, entrenador del Cadete B, que lidera el grupo 1 de la Preferente Cadete con un pleno de once victorias, 57 goles a favor y sólo seis en contra. Un equipo al que Luis Enrique ha puesto como ejemplo del buen trabajo que se hace en el fútbol formativo azulgrana.


La jugada dura 17 segons i és espectacular. La toquen set jugadors blaugranes. Sis passades verticals i el toc final de ‘Miguelete’ Ramírez. És un gol esplèndid. Sensacional. És l’1-0 anotat pel Cadet B contra La Floresta, que ha estat escollit com el millor gol de la passada jornada pel programa ‘Promeses’ de Barça TV. “Aquest gol és l’èxit del model Barça. És el millor exemple del nostre ADN”, explica Cristian Catena, entrenador del Cadet B, que lidera el Grup 1 de la Preferent Cadet amb un ple d’onze victòries, 57 gols a favor i només 6 en contra. Un equip que Luis Enrique ha posat com a exemple per la bona feina que es fa des del futbol formatiu.

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RoBrenes says:

What's the name and artist of the song?

S N says:

Terrible deference all i gotta say…. but those kids are gonna be great tho.

School Story says:

what this is title song? please

Scipio Africanus says:

Maybe they will be old enough to play in the world cup in Qatar.
You know? The country that will have 7000 dead slaves by the time they finish the stadiums.
Which is a barbaric freak islamic state where it's insane to play football. 50.C!
But hey, they are your sponsors and give you shitloads of money so let's not talk about that.
 Barca akbar!

Damm Baby says:

el ADN del bar$$a es robar jugadores a base de pasta y decir que son de la cantera,tambien robar a hacienda esta dentro de ese ADN.

Napstar25 says:

Stupid music.

Tajul Islam says:

these guys will probably beat man utd aswell😂😂

George Boulter says:

no closing down what is this if that was English football they wouldnt have that any where near that amount of time on the ball

Luis Ruperez says:

oy si, golazo

Star Remnant says:

Without the foreginers, the spain league………sorry, the UEFA teams would be nothing. Conmebol is the one who produces the best players of the world. Only Germany knows how to produce good players. That´s why they have the best national team of Erupe.

death mam says:

song please?

Gtn Fitness says:

MUST SEE!!!! Uk's youngest Fitness Guru's on my page

Wimpy Legend says:

wow Parsons. Never been done before

Thien Lac says:

number 3 look like KAKA

CB Games says:

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CinekVeB says:

Fantastic goal!

Josh Uddin says:

Their Dna is taking back shitty fabrgas.

Aleix Browne says:

I hate Barcelona. they play football but I hate how they are so arrogant. they play with a crappy league. if you bloody players came to the premier league you would be crushed

i Benacio says:

Those kids made it look easy!

Андрей Мороз says:

Грубая ошибка игрока под номером 2, а так просто игра поставленная в пас – супер, но ничего такого чтоб сказать что они творят, они просто качественно играют в пас

Sugi Ardiand puTra says:


notsorandumusername says:

Everytime I try to play this video, the screen stays completely black?

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