285 Hz Solfeggio Soundscapes | DEVELOP STRONG POSITIVE AURA

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285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency influences energy fields and helps in developing a strong positive energy field around you. Some people call it positive vibe, an aura… and 285 hz can help in body tissue regeneration and healing the broken tissues rapidly. Its like a sound massage for your body and mind. It will relieve Stress and helps in supporting body’s natural mechanism to heal itself.

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Braxton Yazzie says:

Listening and hearing these tones soothes my voice/tone when I'm nervous . It helps me talk to love ones right and holy with oneself . It takes off the anxious and anger package of ' me .It slowly works even when your not hearing It . My wonderous brain is sedated with postive sound . All things are possible through JC. Be Relaxed. Be Steady .

dehsa says:

I don't know why, but the lower frequencies seem to do more for me.

Nicolas Clauzelle says:

Thanks you for your work from France

Tom Petr says:

I like it! It's otherworldly . Very nice.

Lina Ali says:

Thanks .. it's so relaxing ❤

FireAbove TheS.E.A says:

Thank you guys for always providing the best

Владимир Р says:

Почему цифра 1 ?

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