All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies – Full Body Aura Cleanse & Cell Regeneration Therapy

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This track features All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies for Full Body Aura Cleanse & Cell Regeneration Therapy. Each Miracle Tone here serves a certain purpose and helps in detoxifying and cleansing the body and mind. Each frequency lasts for around 9 mins starting from 174Hz known as natural anaesthetic and moving all the way up to 963Hz which is associated with pineal gland activation. Hope this will help you.

INFO on Solfeggio Frequencies

00:00:00 : 174 Hz : Relieves Pain & Stress
00:09:00 : 285 Hz : Heals Tissues & Organs
00:18:00 : 396 Hz : Eliminates Fear
00:27:00 : 417 Hz : Wipes out Negativity
00:36:00 : 528 Hz : Repairs DNA, Brings Positive Transformation
00:45:00 : 639 Hz : Brings Love & Compassion in Life
00:54:00 : 741 Hz : Detoxifies Cells & Organs
01:03:00 : 852 Hz : Awakens Intuition, Raises Energy at Cellular Level
01:12:00 : 963 Hz : Connects to Higher Self.

CHANTS & MUSIC based on Solfeggio Frequencies
OM Chanting @528Hz ❯
OM Chanting @417Hz ❯
417Hz ❯
396Hz ❯

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Ty says:

Many thanks.

Sylvia Janell T. says:

You are very thorough thank you

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This is wonderful… blessings to you for bringing this to YouTube 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

Karina Ivethe Guevara Campos says:

Do I need to hear it with headphones only?

Lynda M. says:

MANY continuing blessings to you and MUCH appreciation to you for making this available to all online. This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for!

legobuilder 369 says:

I dropped acid twice and feel so enlightened listening to this right now

Rina Ronna says:

I wonder why my legs are tingling 😀 but anyway it's relaxing 🙂

Conscious Cloud says:

Is there a shorter version of this somewhere? Instead of 9 minutes each down to just like 5 minutes and/or 2 minutes?
Edit: Just found the 5 minute interval version on this very channel, but still searching for a 2 minute interval version.

cory brearley says:

I had to take a break because i was starting to sweat lol

Cheryl Witherspoon says:

Thank you!❤

Chelina Sheline says:

Hello ! Could you tell me how these solfegios are used please ? Do you have to wear hearing aids and have to be in a state of meditation? Or are they only heard as music? I appreciate your response and thank you .

Hola ! me podrian decir como se usan estos solfegios por favor ? se
tienen que usar audifonos y tiene que ser en estado de meditacion ? o
solo se escuchan como musica ? Agradeceré su respuesta y gracias .

Genevieve Koning says:

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful music!!!! Xx

Petra Stránská says:

amazing… 852 and 963 Hz – there is woman singing?

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