I’M WHAT ? | Mexican DNA Results

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Tania Lucely says:

Puedes activar los subtitulos en español en la pantalla! 💕

Maestro K says:

100% pretty.

Martin Molina says:

You look and sound like the stereotypical hot psychopath Mexican girlfriend. hahaha.

republica-esp-killuminati says:

Spain was colonized by Italy and Greece… España fue colonizada por Italia y Grecia …

Cal B says:

I wish you would send me a vile of saliva. I would use it as lube.

Jo Chave says:

either your mexican or nothing else only dumb chicanos do this bullshit build the wall

nasrick kelly says:

Your fine ass have my inrecial babies

Robbie Hernandez says:

HAHAHAH I'm Rican and I got 45% African! Nice! The rest was European.

Robbie Hernandez says:

She looks like a Bratz Doll.

Christopher Lugo says:

Rome conquered the Iberian peninsula which is where the Italian came from also The African moors invaded and conquered the same area which is where the African came from. Pretty much anyone who is Mexican is going to have a mix of Spanish, Italian and African along with whatever indigenous blood they have

Ben Kickass says:

It's Krypton Superman from Krypton not Krypten lady so obviously you don't love Superman and you don't know much about comic books but you're hot though😉

Ben-Hur Illingworth says:

How beautiful! You are so nice

Jack T Smith says:

iow she's a blend of Spanish and American but with a splash of African and Asian in her blood. She's attractive enough to be girlfriend material for a couple years but a great man doesn't marry and father children with that type of woman. She'd best start developing a deep connection with cats.

Migue A says:


Banyamyan Yasharahlah says:

Los resultados del ADN son una broma, usted es simplemente su semilla de los antepasados como EL CREADOR TODO EL MAYOR TODOS LOS ESTADOS CONOCIDOS. En México eres Caucasoid Soul-Seed plantado de tus antepasados o Negroid Soul-semilla plantada de tus antepasados. Veo claramente y escucha que eres un Caucasoid EDOMITE Mujer, los caucásicos pueden ser MUTT-MULATTO MONGREL buscando en Características por ejemplo Jennifer López, Salma Hayek, Fat Joe, Late Rapper Big Pun, Fidel Castro, Mark Anthony, Comediante Actor George Lopez , Gángster El Chapo, Gángster tardío Pablo Escobar, y así sucesivamente, no complicado.

Banyamyan Yasharahlah says:

DNA Results are a Joke, you are simply your Forefathers Seed as THE CREATOR ALMIGHTY ALL KNOWING STATES.  In Mexico you are either Caucasoid Soul-Seed Planted of your Forefathers or Negroid Soul-Seed Planted of your Forefathers.  I can clearly see and hear that you are a Caucasoid EDOMITE Female, Caucasians can be MUTT-MULATTO MONGREL looking in Features for example Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Fat Joe, Late Rapper Big Pun, Fidel Castro, Mark Anthony,  Comedian Actor George Lopez, Gangster El Chapo, Late Gangster Pablo Escobar, so on and so forth, not complicated.

Banyamyan Yasharahlah says:

Modern day Mexico is ruled by the Caucasian Spanish Speaking People including their MUTT-MESTIZO MONGREL SEEDS Indian counterparts.  The Native NEGRO (AFRO) Mexican that has been conveniently erased, almost wiped out completely from the Caucasian His Story Books, that was in Mexico, Texas and Arizona long before the Asian Caucasians Indians and Spaniard Caucasians is an Israelite.

A huge lie, that the Native NEGRO-SHEMITE first came to Mexico as a Slave in the 15th and 16th Centuries, they were already in Mexico THOUSANDS OF YEARS  long before any of the Caucasian Tribes of EDOM-RED Humans arrived.

Mexico is a place not a Race.

Derrick Johnson says:

100 percent fine as hell.

Europa Man says:

Mexicans are a White/American Indian mix to a varying degree. The leadership of Mexico is pure Spanish. You're White enough. Please learn to speak English.

Gregory Fortner says:

You are hot no matter where you come from!

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